Full control over your inventory submission

Delegate work on parts of your national inventory, then put it all together into a fully compliant Simple XML file ready for import into UNFCCC CRF Reporter

Stable workflow. No more overwriting others' work. Results right when you need them.

The user-friendly interface of Spherical Inventory Compiler helps you slice the inventory and delegate work with any desired precision — by sector, by year, and all the way to the individual data entry node!

Build your final Simple XML file out of the parts supplied by the agencies, controlling exactly what is taken from which part. No more accidental overwrites of work from another agency or editing the past!

Compiling an inventory with Spherical Inventory Compiler is quick, easy and a lot of fun. You can also save your inventory configuration for later and the software will do the compilation for you in one click of a button — whether you have two files to process or twenty-two.

Free tool, free e-mail support


— Free e-mail support is provided on the best effort basis, the typical turnaround time is two business days

— Support includes help with usage of the software and advice on organizing the national inventory compilation process


Commercial support

— Service Level Agreement

— Guaranteed turnaround time of one business day

— Telephone support

per month
Inventory Compiler for Mac

Inventory Compiler for Mac

Inventory Compiler for Linux

Inventory Compiler for Linux


Current version: 1.2.6 Release Notes

By downlading the software you agree to the terms of the License

Compliant UNFCCC reporting

The software is based on 2006 IPCC reporting guidelines with UNFCCC flavor. It can work with all published versions of Simple XML format and UNFCCC metadata and self-updates to any future version

Spherical was founded by technology and IT management veterans
with years-long experience in GHG reporting problematic.

We concentrate the best available expertise in the current generation of UNFCCC GHG reporting solutions outside the UNFCCC secretariat. We are acutely aware of the technical and organizational issues around GHG reporting and review; we understand the needs of NICs and sectoral experts and we are prepared to work with all governments and agencies until technical problems with inventory submission are no longer a topic for discussion.

Inventory Compiler is a simple and free tool that helps organize work on GHG inventories to countries that use multiple accounts in UNFCCC CRF Reporter or have a simple multi-user workflow for their GHG Inventories. Spherical's National Inventory System is a comprehensive solution that provides full power of reporting, quality control and national workflow management. Our long-term aspiration is to deliver the best IT solution for the operationalization of the Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement